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Louis forgetting about the row in LWWY x

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is there anyone in the west virginia area that would be willing to take in a young LGBT kid getting away from an abusive home for a few days while the legal shit gets worked out

please i really really really need help even if its just a signal boost this is me fucking begging ple ase

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It’s unimaginable and disgusting that this happens to children that don’t even understand what’s happening to them.


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like whatever mom emo isnt a phase its a lifestyle 


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It’s kinda weird that 1d named their next album after how many back up singers zayn has …

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Accidentally biting your cheek while you’re eating


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SOMEONE GAVE HARRY SOCKS AND HE WAS LIKE “really, socks? eh.. ok.. thank you.” AND THEN HE SAID “is this a regift?”

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Steal Her Look: Mrs. Puff

Giada Forte Blue Hat - $550

Dolce & Gabbana Roll-Neck Cashmere Sweater - $881

Sherri Hill Embellished Tulle Fit & Flare Dress - $450

Louis Vuitton Lv Cup Nubuck Leather Red Mules - $246

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